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負責本校對海外教育及研究機關聯繫之主要窗口。首要任務為推動國際學術合作及安排本校與海外學校之各項交流活動。為達成此項目標,不但與原有姊妹校維持密切往來關係,並勤於拓展更多海外合作對象,建立實質學術及文化交流管道。Responsible for the school's main contact with overseas educational and research institutions. The primary task is to promote international academic cooperation and arrange various exchange activities between our university and overseas schools. In order to achieve this goal, it not only maintains close relations with the original sister schools, but also diligently expands more overseas cooperation partners and establishes substantial academic and cultural exchanges.


※海外合作學校 International Cooperation

※雙聯學制 Double Degree

※交換學生 Exchange Students

※學海築夢 Overseas Internship Program

※境外學生 International Students

※越南國際學生產學合作專班 New Southbound Industry-Academia Collaboration Special Programs

印尼二技(2+i)產學合作國際專班  Industry-Academia Collaboration Program for Indonesian 2-year college  

景文科技大學與外國學制學分及成績轉換準則 Conversion Table for Academic Grades & Credits(Overseas Schools to JUST)



‧ 海外遊學團 ‧ 國際交換學生 ‧ 各類國際活動
‧ 簽締姐妹校 ‧ 國際合作計畫 ‧ 雙聯學制課程




教務處 國際與兩岸招生及交流中心

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